Reality hits

This weekend was a tough one. I’ve been so stressed and I don’t think I realised how much the planning of a 9 month holiday would play on my mind.

Thursday and Friday night were taken up with waking up and not being able to get back to sleep, interspersed with dreams about all the things we need to arrange; work out house rental, cancel subscriptions, what to pack, how to transport things there, hire a motor home, figure out where we’ll spend Christmas, how to get Wi-Fi on the go, jeeeez so much to think about! Β And on top of that, my amazing mum’s birthday on Saturday, surprise party for one of my bessies all afternoon, and my 9 year olds party on Sunday.

It all got a bit much to be honest and I’ve been a walking zombie.

Now that the weekend is over, I can relax and get back to the weekly food shop, laundry and cleaning πŸ˜’

We did however have lots of cake this weekend which is always a bonus 😁

179 days to Go!


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