Butterflies and responsibility

This morning I have woken up with the awesome feeling of butterflies in my tummy… closely followed by the mild thud of fear.

When we first went to New Zealand as a couple  (18 years ago!) It was exciting and also easy: there were just two of us and we could easily sleep on a floor or in a tent, no worries. This time, I know I have to make sure we have a proper place for the boys to kip, and the thud in my tummy is the feeling of responsibility.

Next mission: contact some estate agents and try arrange a rental property by the beach somewhere in Tauranga.

Meanwhile, the butterflies can stay ☺

My youngest doesn’t give a shit and just wants to play Nintendo.  I want his outlook on life 😎 (p.s that’s a teddy on the shelf above his head, not a poo 😂)


161 days to go!

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