Missing my bffs

I’ve had a brilliant weekend up in Manchester catching up with my bffs.. and it’s made me realise how much I’m going to miss so many of my friends here 😔

Sometimes life goes so quickly. Mostly my days are a bit groundhog day: wake up, separate fighting kids, make packed lunches, separate fighting kids, drop off to school and pre-school, sort the bomb-site out (aka home), pick up pre-schooler, play/get pre-schooler to help clean aforementioned bomb-site  😉 , pick more kids up from school, referee kids, cook dinner, separate fighting kids, bath, persuade kids to sleep, pass out. Repeat.

And I realise that weeks have gone by without me keeping in touch with my friends as much as I should. They are always in my head, and in my heart, but the days go so quickly that I don’t text and ring and pop over as much as I want to.

So this weekend in Manchester with one of my oldest friends (and I mean that in the longevity way! You’re only as old as you feel!) and 2 long lost kiwi friends was just brilliant, and exactly what I needed.

And I also learned that you can totally enjoy an entire 6 hours out-out, with your top on inside out 😂


I’m really going to miss some people while we’re away, you know who you are 😚

BUT… it’s also made me remember my friends who are still in that southern hemisphere, I haven’t seen them for so long! It’s going to be ace to see them again and catch up on the last 13ish years (shit, they went fast. I blame the groundhog day effect 😉).

And… 111 days to go!


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