I am not a morning person! 😂

One week of having the kids at home and I’m rocking in the corner 😂

Not really… I love having them at home! Between the incessant “where are we going today mum?” And “can we stay in pyjamas?” (That’s 2 separate kids, so one big argument right there in the making), I become entertainer and referee, rolled into one.

So this morning I set my alarm early (6.55 IS early for me) to go for a birdsong jog. In my mind, this sparrow’s fart awakening would spur me into a healthy, good mood for the day.

The reality was that I rolled out of bed, chucked contact lenses in my eyes in a half-asleep stupor, rooted around the clean washing pile for jogging gear, then set off to welcome a butt cheek cramp for 2.5k while panicking that I wasn’t going to be home in time for hubby to get to work.

I repeat. I am NOT a morning person 🙈

And.. 95 days to go!

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