Family, memories, what I’ll miss (and some of what I won’t)

We’re mid- school holidays, and just back from a roadtrip to see Gammar and Gagrag. It was a brilliant couple of days, and the kids have been truly spoiled. We haven’t been up North in a long time, and visiting Morecambe and Blackpool after such a long time away was a real trot down memory lane.. I did attempt to show the kids ‘This Is Where I Met Your Father’ and ‘This Club Was So Cool Back In My Day’ and even the ‘This Was The Tree We Drove Into One Night In the Mini Metro when We First Met’… but to be honest the kids were more interested in slot machines and ice creams 😂

It did make me think that these memories with the grandparents are priceless, and I wish we had more time to come up and see them… 9 months on the other side of the world is going to be a very long time without them 😔 BUT.. thank God for Skype and facetime.

So. Blackpool rocked (geddit? 😂). We did the log flume in the rain, we went down countless waterslides in The Sandcastle, and we ate lots and lots of icecream. We hunted for cockles in Morecambe Bay, we played lots of 2p machines and Grandad loved playing Golf Football with the boys ❤

We made lots of lovely memories, and for the first time EVER, all 4 boys slept til nearly 8am… pretty awesome, eh? 😁

What I really won’t miss, are the huge (and I mean HUGE) queues – they aren’t fun for anyone, let alone an anxious aspergers child who struggles with the concept of waiting in line- and the motorway traffic that the M6 always seems to have.. I’m looking forward to getting lost on remote New Zealand roads and just being able to park up and jump in the sea.

Bring it. 84 days to go!

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