Forgiving assholes and the longest run

I decided this weekend that I’m going to attempt the couch to 10k, seeing as I’ve managed the 5k (and it didn’t, in fact, kill me as I thought it may 😅).

So today I set off down my usual route, with the intention of turning homeward when my phone beeped to tell me I was halfway. I’m 2 minutes away from halfway when I see my asshole ex-neighbours strolling towards me on a family walk… and in that split second, I felt a myriad of emotions:

anger (they built a bloody garden shed right in front of my kitchen window),

fear (oh god what if they try to speak to me? 🙈),

panic (can I still breathe after 20 minutes running? 😆),

resignation (I’m going to HAVE to run past them cos there’s hedges on either side, they’ve seen me and it won’t look ‘normal’ to dive in a hedge 🙈🙊),

determination (fuck them, I’m going to run past looking like a bloody gazelle).

So I did. Run past them. But I also didn’t want to turn around and run past them AGAIN to run home, so I took the scenic route past a few cows, cow pats, and a lot of corn. I actually enjoyed it more than road running! Bonus.

The Asshole Ex-neighbours moved in about 5 years ago, and one half popped round amiably to say hello. I thought she was lovely. She asked about whether we knew anything about garden boundries with the other neighbours, so I gave her a couple of photocopies of our house plans, showing the surrounding house areas and boundaries. Within 2 weeks she had begun building a huge garden shed blocking our kitchen window. 😡 They built it exactly to legal boundary limits, meaning that the view of the back of a shed is all we now see from our window. Like I say: Assholes.

Taking the scenic route home did give me a clear 20 minutes to realise that the building of the Asshole Shed was actually the kickstart of us planning our trip abroad though, and by the time I got home, I realised that I should probably be thanking them. But they’re still Assholes.

And…. I managed a 6.3km run! 💪

Get in.

76 days to go! 😎

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