Not sure whether to celebrate or cry…

So.. this week, the kids went back to school, and my smallest sidekick began his journey in education by starting Foundation.

Do I cry, or celebrate?

My heart hurts, my home is unnaturally quiet, and I’m feeling very sorry for myself because the 6 week layer of dust will finally have to go 😆


Don’t they look happy? I actually had to threaten them for 2 full minutes before I got this photo 😂

I have really loved the 6 week summer holidays, and I’m really looking forward to more time with them all when we get away over to New Zealand. They all drive me nuts in their own ways but a few months together is sounding great. The home-schooling part of the trip hasn’t really sunk in yet… How will I teach them all something when they are such different ages? How will I get them to concentrate instead of winding each other up? How will I keep my sanity? ( I know the answer to that last one. It’s Gin 😁)

Seriously though, I think they will all gain so much from travelling away for 9 months: seeing and living with a different culture, living near the sea, learning to survive without technology.. (well that’s until we figure out where the Wi-Fi hotspots are 😉) and I won’t miss the school shirt ironing 😁

Bring It On. We’re ready.

58 days to go.


3 thoughts on “Not sure whether to celebrate or cry…

  1. Don’t worry about home schooling, I’m here for the English curriculum stuff, if I was you visit museums when you can, out the way little places where nooone ever goes and the locals can tell you he history, look at the history of the area, the country etc. Make the most of it, first and foremost it is an enjoyable experience and they will learn as they go. Gonna miss you though. Xxxx


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