The Home is To Let πŸ˜¨

Well this week, the old homestead went live on the world wide web as available to let 😱

It’s a weird feeling! But it also means we’re on target to get everything sorted before we leave 😊

AND I have to keep it bloody tidy in case we have viewings soon. This is no easy mission with 4 boys aged 4-10 whose idea of tidying is throwing their daily socks in the corner of the lounge 😐

And look! Our house looks enormous!Β  And at least tidy on the outside πŸ˜†


On a lighter note, this past weekend I completed my 5th Shine Night Marathon Walk. It was a beautiful night, and I had some awesome people walking with me.. we completed it between 9.32pm and 7.55am and I came away remarkably unscathed. No blisters, no missing toe nails, no remaining sanity… πŸ˜‚

Seriously, the entire crowd raised about 4million for Cancer Research UK, we really kicked ass.

Just before the marathon, I was sat in St Pancras station, watching the world go by (and playing candy crush) and a random West Ham supporter approached me to ask me if I was doing the Shine Walk. Bear in mind I’m wearing some lovely sweary ‘Fuck Cancer’ arm warmers at this point, so I’m aware that I may appear slightly offensive to some.

So I tell him that indeed I’m walking the streets, and for my 5th and final time. He went on to tell me what a fantastic job we do as volunteers, raising funds for the cause, and he’s a little teary as he tells me he has just had his 10-year all clear after beating it so long ago. I love this guy already.

He then whips out his wallet and asks if he can donate via me, and at this point I have a little cry too. He doesn’t know me from Adam, and his heart is so big and his story so heartfelt, and he’s donating money to me. (My arm warmers are obvs bloody awesome 😁) He gives meΒ  Β£100 and thanks me and everyone like me, who raise the funds to keep people like him alive.

I’m blown away. The world is amazing.

And I echo my attire.

Fuck cancer.

We WILL win.


30 days to go!

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