Just when you think it’s safe to selfie.. πŸ˜†

Just when you think it’s safe to selfie…

…you notice the bloke behind you in budgie smugglers pulling the seat out of his arse πŸ˜‚

I was blown away by Dubai. It’s soooo beautiful! And hot, and clean, and polite, and full of the nicest people and foods. The beach was mind-blowingly lovely although kids and sand together are like my worst nightmare. Sid must have spent an hour washing his hands in the sea and then burying them in sand again, and then washing them in the sea and burying them in sand again… and so on and so on, you get the idea. And still we crunched on sand while scoffing fish and chips on the beach (which was bloody lovely by the way).

The sea was really salty, which stung the eyes quite a bit but made you really floaty. Kids loved it! They must have been tired out because they were all asleep by 9.

The next day we did Wild Wadi Water Park, I was a bit worried in case there were lots of queues (Fred struggles to queue politely 😌) but there are so many things to try that it wasn’t too bad at all (and he was a star). All the boys were like my little shoal of fishes.. we spent most of the day with crinkly fingers 😊

So this morning we stuffed our faces with Hilton Hotel breakfast and got ready to board for Bangkok. I did manage to get the timings wrong and we arrived at the airport a smidgen late and ended up running to the boarding gate πŸ™ˆ I got stopped in the beeping machine because of my belt and had to strip it off, but we made it just in time πŸ˜…

And I’m sat here now on the plane, just remembering that I’ve left Fred’s melatonin in the cupboard of our hotel room πŸ™ˆπŸ™Š oh shit. Wish us luck sleeping for the next 2 weeks 🀀😱

So, Thailand are you ready for us? 😎

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