When travelling to Australia, make sure you have the right visa ðŸ™ˆ

You’d think I’d know better, I’ve been around a bit, but did I make sure I had the right visa requirements to enter Australia? Did I bollocks.

The first clue we had was when we rushed through the departure at Dubai, the chap made me promise that I had done my ETA subclass 601. Of course I agreed, we had 13 minutes to board the plane 😂

So when we arrived in Bangkok I thought I’d Google it and see what I needed. Well the hotel didn’t have Wi-Fi and it was midnight and we had to have room service and get some sleep… so I left it til the morning.

Went to the Wi-Fi hotspot in the hotel lobby, and found out that we need the ETA in order to be accepted on our flight in 9 hours. Wtf. I quickly put the 6 applications in and was told it takes 24 hours to be approved 🤤😱

My head (and Mark) was telling me that we’re screwed but what could we do? So we wandered in to downtown Bangkok for some street food. Why not? 😁 (while growing a fair few grey hairs and worry lines).

We had a ball. We crammed all of us in to a Tuk-Tuk (“yeah, no problem Leicester!” Was the response all day to my 7 year old Tombo, who was sporting his Leicester city top 😍) and it sure was an experience.

We had bbq pork on a stick and visited a local loo (😨) and had a boat tour and walked thru Chinatown and it was definitely an experience. Whistle stop Bangkok.

Got to the airport with my heart in my mouth.. checked in… And of the 6 of us, Fred and Joe’s visa had not yet been approved 🙈🙊 and we were asked to wait to one side while they contacted Sydney visa office 🤤

Literally in the same couple of minutes, I got an email (thank God for free airport wifi) to tell me all 6 visas had been approved. I have earned this wine 🥂

The moral of this tale is to ALWAYS CHECK WHAT VISAS YOU NEED! Don’t fly by the seat of your pants cos the chances are you’ll leave skiddies 😂😝

Sydney, I’m not sure you’re ready for us 😂 xx

One thought on “When travelling to Australia, make sure you have the right visa ðŸ™ˆ

  1. Hi there,
    Good thing I came across your site. I can’t imagine how stressful you are that time. That is a lesson to be learned. You must always check your ETA on the website where you applied. Anyway, if ever you need an Australian visa again, I suggest you to apply at Travel ETA Australia ( https://www.traveleta.com.au/ ). I can guarantee you a good service from their team. I am their 2nd-time client and so far I don’t have a problem with them. You can actually contact them if needed. Anyhow, I’ve never been to Bangkok and I wonder how their street foods taste like.

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