There’s one ticked off the bucket list. Drying myself with my own underwear 🙈

Yes, you read that right.

I am so not cut out to be a camper. I am built for comfort: 5- star hotels and apartments, not campervans and communal toilets.

The first morning in Napier I stumbled out of the van in my pyjamas, clutching my washbag full of deodorant, antiwrinkle cream and contact lenses, grasping my fresh clothes and balancing my all-in-one kids body and hair wash under my arm. My dollar coin was wedged tight in my hand (it’s $1 for a 7 minute hot shower, I’d checked it out the day before) and I’d spotted the empty cubicle from the van window and made a dash for it. I locked the door, popped my money in and threw my very excited-to-be-showering-in-hot-water body under the sprinkler.

7 lush minutes later I stepped out, to find that I’d forgotten a very important part of the showering process: my Towel 😵🙈

What’s a girl to do? I had to dry off with my underwear and pyjamas. Nice. It most definitely won’t happen again.

Napier was lovely, the beach we stopped at was a bit shingly, like tiny black pebbles, but it was refreshing to not be covered in sand for once to be honest. We played around on the front and visited an aquarium.. and we got a little overexcited at seeing the penguins, resulting in my phone hitting the deck and having its screen obliterated. 😔 It did make me realise how much we rely on my phone: no sat nav, no Wi-Fi, no contact numbers, no way of phoning home… we managed to get it fixed thank God but it’s now like my prized possession and lives only in my sweaty palm, no-one else’s.


We drove on to a place called Woodville, spent the night in a sports ground car park, had the biggest cooked breakfast and set off to Wanganui, which is by the sea, but on the West Coast: the sand is blacker, and there’s a lot of wood and debris on the coastline.

The campsite had a great little pool and a hot tub, we totally took advantage of these 😂


Another day, another couple of hours drive.. and we were so blown away by the sight of Mt. Taranaki that my David Bailey of a hubby took about 50 photos on the way here 😂


Look. At. That. 😍

We made it to New Plymouth and we’re freedom camping in a car park right next to the water’s edge… I thought it’d be quiet but there’s actually about 30 campervans squeezed on here tonight so we may be in for a late one 😊

It’s bloody beautiful though.


Tomorrow’s agenda is to get up, maybe shower, definitely remember the towel, and head to Waitomo Caves ❤

One thought on “There’s one ticked off the bucket list. Drying myself with my own underwear 🙈

  1. Well and I thought you were organised, I bet you don’t do that again. £1 for 7 minutes sounds a bit steep I will think of you when I am luxuriating in a 15 min shower in boiling hot water, we need it here due to the temperature. Miss you lots xxxxxx

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