What I think I look like surfing (and what I actually do 😂🙈)

Seriously. Who knew I had so much of a builders bum? 😆

I almost wish mark hadn’t got the camera out, I look a lot better in my head 😝 (and that wave I’m on looked at least 3 foot 😆)

Photo Collage Maker_M2pZOx

We’ve basically been spending this week on the beach. The kids have been lathered in factor 50 (as have we) and we’ve been in and out of the sea more times in the past week than we have in the past year. It’s been ace.


Sid has discovered an intense love for sand…


(And an intense dislike of showers to get it off 😜)

We’ve bought a car.. It’s a 7 seater so we can fit all the rugrats in, and it’s a Japanese import, so I haven’t got a clue what half the buttons on the dash do 🙈 but it’s got air conditioning and it goes. It’s ours 😍 (and we’re not bus wankers anymore 😁)


This week, I’ve also discovered that FaceTime is brilliant. My parents have hit the ground running with their new technology (the iPad) and rang up this morning, smack bang in the middle of me having a shower. I heard the ringtone, and thought I’d left it by my bed. The ringer, however, got louder as I rinsed off my shampoo, and I heard the excitement in Sid’s voice as he realised, “Grandad’s ringing!” while trying to open the bathroom door.

My voice was more terror-ridden as I yelled at him to “LEAVE IT, I’LL RING BACK” while clambering towards the towels in my half-blind contact lens-less state. I know they’re my parents, I know they’ve seen it all before, but I’m pretty solid that they don’t need a reminder of me in my birthday suit 40ish years on 🙈🤤

10 minutes later, I’m decent and having a fabulous natter with my ma and pa. Technology these days is just the best.  I miss them, but it’s great to be able to actually see them in their lounge… even if it is mostly a view of the top of their heads 😂 (they’ll figure that out with practise 😊)

So now I’m all confident with the face to face video call thing, I also managed a fabulous natter with my Scottish twin 😊 I miss some people. This weather almost makes up for it, but I still miss ya 😙

So. The quest this coming week is to find somewhere to live. We have 3 more weeks in this awesome Bach on Grove, then we’re sleeping in the car and tent, unless we can find a rental crazy enough to take us on 😉


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