Only I could get stung on the arse by a bloody wasp πŸ™ˆπŸ

Only I could get stung on the arse by a wasp πŸ™ˆπŸ

Yesterday, we all popped down to the beach to take the boards out (more about those in a minute!) and the kids and I are easing ourselves gently into the water, backwards while trying not to scream too loud at the chill factor, when Tom and Joe start looking nervously at my back and telling me not to move ‘cos there’s a wasp on me. So what do I do? What any normal person would do. I begin the Wasp Dance and start stripping off, while flapping around in the hope that the Wasp will be embarrassed by my moves and bugger off.

I whipped my shorts down to my knees, turned around a few times (it’s quite impossible to see your own back though) then pulled them back up when I realised how silly I must look. Meanwhile the Wasp is obviously caught in my flapping boardies and gets pulled back up, and onto my more-than-ample bum cheek. Well, OUCH. The pain was bloody immense! I whip my shorts off again and flail around in the water for a few secondsΒ  (kids were killing themselves laughing by this point) before trotting back up the beach in absolute bum agony, keeping my stiff upper English lip, before asking mark to check my arse to make sure the vicious wasp had left my butt in peace.

OMG the pain. It stung for ages and parts even went numb. I hate wasps!

And for this story, I thought you might appreciate a photo of the wasp rather than my bum πŸ˜†πŸ˜†


But let’s get to the good bit!

This week, after waiting for what feels like forever, we finally got our Christmas presents to each other.. our surfboards arrived!


They are gorgeous 😍

We’ve waxed them, been out on them, been up on them, and fallen off them. We’ve been washing machined, eaten sand and seaweed, and been munched by the Mount Mauler (don’t ask, and don’t Google 🀀)

More than anything, we’ve had a relaxing week at the seaside with the kids… this really is what I wanted when we planned this whole trip. I’m loving it, despite the bloody big wasp sting on my backside ❀😊

4 thoughts on “Only I could get stung on the arse by a bloody wasp πŸ™ˆπŸ

  1. Oh, what a funny (and painful) story! I’ve only been strung by a wasp once and I have hated them with a passion ever since! I got stung on my temple (a few inches from my left eye) and it felt like I had ice cream induced “brain freeze” times 100!!! O_O I’m sure having it on your rear end would feel a lot like an injection but worse, right? Ugh, anyway! Glad you’re okay and enjoy your boards! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Valerie! It’s super sore but the swelling has come up in the shape of a love heart πŸ˜† weird! Feels slightly better than for the first 2 hours though.. and ouch on the temple! That must have been sore! Darn wasps x

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