I think we may just be living in the most beautiful place in the world…. šŸ˜

I think we may just be living in the most beautiful place in the world… šŸ˜

This week, we had a little visitor…. how cute is this guy? šŸ˜Š


(It’s ok, he’s on the outside of the glass, and he’s tiny. We’re safe šŸ˜†)

We also had some huge storms, the whole of the North Island was a bit buffeted by high winds and high tides, which were, in their own way, amazingly beautiful to watch and also a little awe-inspiring.. The power of the wind and the waves was more than a little humbling, and during the wash-rinse-spin cycle (24 minutes duration) if the local launderette (yes, I’d more than had enough of washing our stinky undies) I popped to the beach in the rain to watch the high tide roll in.

There was one mad bastard out on a crazy kite surfing mission, and the rest of the beach was underwater with huge white, washing-machine waves sucking in and out. It was stunning, and no photo could really do it justice but I tried.


We stayed indoors for a bit… with no TV…Ā  I think I broke the kids by ‘persuading’ them to do some learning work in the holidays (“oh my god that’s SO unfair”) and after day 3 of rain, I finally cracked and bought another šŸ˜‚

I have to say, the peace and quiet of 4 kids watching a film on the telly is hugely underrated. I have regained some sanity šŸ˜…

We visited Kaiate Falls.. and again we were blown away by the absolute beauty that is on our doorstep..


I’ve come to realise how totally lucky we are to be here ā¤

In other news.. I think I’ve managed to give myself a weird home made tattoo šŸ™ˆ

I had a couple of little critter bites on the back of my neck (remember the mount mauler? Still itchy šŸ˜ž) and my old lady grey hairs were growing back so I thought I’d better dye them dark again.. can you see where this is going? I managed to drip hair dye down my neck and the bug bites stung like crazy and I now have 2 little black dots that make me look like I’ve been savaged by a vampire šŸ™ˆ Not cool. I hope they bloody wash out.

So, storms are over, my hair is back to normal.. what else is there to do? Ah yes.. visit the most beautiful beach I think I’ve ever seen… šŸ˜



‘Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once” – Karen Gibbs


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