Long journey, but she made it 😊 from snow to surf in 26 hours â¤

Say Hello to the Old Bird 😊

My Supermum, the woman who dragged me through my teenage years kicking and screaming, has travelled half the world to come see us 😊😍

Through blizzards, cancelled trains, London Underground mayhem and dodgy dashboard lights, she made it ❤ and today, we tootled to the beach for a swim and I even got her on the surfboard 😁


Meet My Mum, the Legend ❤

After a week of severe snow in the UK, it was a bit touch and go as to whether she’d even make the flight.. train lines from Carnforth and even from Lancaster were cancelled on the Friday 🙈😨 but Dad drove her to Preston and made sure she got on that train (I think he’s looking forward to a few weeks of peace 😉)

After that drop, it was all up to Mum to make her way to Euston and then Heathrow. Dad rang me to confirm that he’d washed his hands of her til late March 😊😉 so she was on her way. 11am Friday, she was en route!

Our Weekend Of The Pickup (for us) started with a little trip up to Stanmore Bay on Saturday morning to see some lovely friends..  we set off with the idea of popping in to the brand new Krispy Kreme Store and Drive Thru in Manukau, but after spending an hour trying to find the entrance, and watching the 50+ people queue, we gave up 🙈😭

BURN. No doughnuts for me! I did manage to find a squishy keyring though so all is not lost 😆


We had a fab Saturday catching up with friends and having a lush BBQ, and Sunday I was super excited about picking the old trout up from Auckland airport, plane due in at 1.05pm.

Kate checked the flight info and the plane was a smidge early: the airplane was scheduled to touch down at 12.44, so we made sure we were parked up by about 1pm, the kids were excited, but not as much as I was! 😊

2pm came and went.. the flight information board confirmed that mum’s plane had landed at 12.51 and was processing.

Kids got hungry but I didn’t want to leave our front row Arrivals Lounge seats, so we let them starve for a bit 😉

2.30pm came and went, by now the kids were proclaiming that we were nearly murdering them with the lack of food, so with an eye still firmly on the arriving passengers, we queued for the old favourite: McDonalds.

Flight Info on the board disappeared and the people coming through the doors were from all sorts of other places, and all from post 3pm arrivals 😮

Panic was setting in. My mind was full of scenarios: had the old boot locked herself in the loo? Had she fallen asleep on the underground and was still on the Piccadilly line? Was she being detained by a drug-sniffing beagle in a  back room? Was she wandering the corridors of Auckland airport?

I went to ask at the airport help desk, which was unhelpfully manned by 2 nattering older ladies who answered all of my questions with, “I’m sorry, we can’t help you due to the Privacy Act” 😔😒 and then continued their Very Important Gossip 😬

By 3.30, I was bloody frantic. I was in tears and had no clue what to do. Answer me this: what DO you do if the person you are waiting for just doesn’t turn up?  Twilight Zone music was already playing on repeat in my head.

The kids were quiet.

Mark was quiet.

I was trying my hardest not to cry, when just before 4pm, a flash of purple velour appeared behind a few emerging passengers ❤

I knew it was her before I could even see her face 😊 and that was it, my floodgates were open. I don’t think I realised just how much I miss the old goat.

The plane had been delayed at Sydney, the pilot had a random light appear on his dashboard and had to get it seen to before taking off. It was a 3 hour delay, resulting in the landing only being at about 3pm.

Anyhoo… she’s here 😊


I’m smiling ear to ear, and the only thing that would make this moment any better, would be if my Dad had made it too… Next time, Dad, promise?

For now, we’ll look after her 😊

The kids are in Gramma heaven, I’ve got my Mum back for a bit, and I’m forcing her to relax with me in gorgeous Papamoa Beach ❤


Love you, Ma 💙💗💖 xx

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