Dude, where’s my brain?!!

Fantastic Student-Teacher-Parent conferences today.. words can’t express how proud I am of these boys 😍

I know, I know, every parent thinks the fruit of their loins is the best thing since home-baked sliced loaf, but these boys have dropped into kiwi life like they were trained in it.

Joe has a heart of gold, is pounding through spelling and maths, and we finally persuaded him to join the Touch Rugby team 😎

Tom is kind and thoughtful, he’s looking after the foreign exchange students as if they were his own 😍 although his head-in-the-cloud nature does require some focus.. (πŸ˜† I feel the teacher’s pain here)

And Sid? What can I say?


He’s a nerd. Total nerd. Chip off the old block 🀣 (and no, I’m not talking about Mark πŸ˜‹)

He’s doing really well in reading, writing and maths, is ahead of his age group in some, and aiming perfectly on target for the end of Year 1 😍⭐

Fred’s conference is next week, so maybe I should reserve my celebrations til then?! 🀣  Or maybe not, I need to celebrate these wins while I can 😁

However… myself? I’m a little worried. I think I’m slightly losing my mind 😢

While listening to my little number 3 angel’s teacher raving about what new apps are available to help with spelling (focus-lacking number-3-child has great phonics but not always in the right places), the sun went down, and we came out to find four kids had been reduced to two.

I don’t think there is any worse feeling than those stomach-turning moments, as you look for them, and the school lights are being turned off 😨

Those few minutes felt like bloody hours πŸ˜₯ but the little s#@$s turned up.. exactly where we left them as it happens πŸ™ˆ – playing with the Lego πŸ˜…πŸ€£

So we made our way back to the car, super relieved to be honest, and planning an evening of wine celebration 😁

However, car keys in hand, I realised my bag wasn’t on my shoulder, and the familiar stomach drop set in. Which classroom had I left it in?! Aiiiii, the lights are being turned off, teachers are leaving, and my wallet (and most importantly the Thai take-away restaurant menu) is tucked away in my handbag, somewhere in that school. Joe and I set off running, and enlisted the help of at least 4 teachers,Β  as well as the school principal, to start a huge bag hunt, to enable my take-away habit for the night πŸ™ˆ

You’ll be pleased to hear, that after a few door unlockings and light switchings, we found the bag. In the front seat of my car.


Oh, the shame. Someone needs to find my brain, and please return it to sender.

And bring me wine.

And take-away.


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