What asshole parent leaves the umbrella behind? That would be me.. 😆

Yep, here we are, in all our glory as the heavens poured down. You can see the joy in those little wet cherub faces 😂

To be fair, we’ve had great weather lately, but when it rains, it REALLY pours. And I left my umbrella just inside the office at work 🙈 so school pick up was a bit wet. Yep mum, you’re an asshole. (Well that’s what they’d call me if I’d let them swear 😂)

So today is the first day of spring! And we’ve left that rain behind, this glorious Saturday morning was the last footie match of the season for Joe and Tom, and they both (literally) had a ball.

Joe played at home (his best match yet!) and Tom played at Katikati, a 45 minute drive up the coast. We made a whole 43 minutes in the car before a little voice in the back sang out, “I’m going to be sick!”

Now normally, we’re kind of prepared for this scenario, but could I find a bag within reach? Nah.

I did, however, find a stashed toilet roll in my door pocket, so I passed it to Sid and told him to use it to be sick into.. he took me a bit literally and threw up over the entire still-rolled-up loo roll, rendering it useless, unless spreading further vomit around the vehicle was part of the plan.

If you’ve ever been in this joyous situation before, you’ll know how fast your other children can move, in their efforts to scramble away from the smelly, sickly, aforementioned child. They moved faster than gazelles from a bushfire.

Poor Sid. I washed him down with water as best I could, but we were already late so he just wore his stinking, chunky clothes with a smile.

Scores? Joe got a hat trick and the Kahawais won 4-1, and Tom flung himself around in goal and the Warriors lost 8-1. Either way, they’re all smiling and the sun shone, and the sick dried before we had to drive home 😆😁

It’s been a great footy season, we’ll miss the early Saturday morning starts! But now they’ve both signed up for touch rugby, so BRING IT ON 😎

Sid has decided to walk in his grandad’s shoes and take up golf.. needs a smidge of practice but he’s very enthusiastic 😊

Fred has been doing a spot of fishing.. although if it takes longer than 30 seconds to catch one, it becomes So Boring. Yes, we have a Preenager in the house, and don’t we know it 🙄

In other news.. our tenancy in this beautiful house is coming to an end 😔 so I’ve been hunting for a new one, as we’re not quite ready to come back yet.

Houses in Papamoa are a bit hard to come by! As soon as they come up for rent, they seem to be taken.

I had a look at a couple, and although I was on my best behaviour, when I filled out the ‘I’m interested’ paperwork with my details of a household of feral boy children, mysteriously, my applications were declined 🤣

When I think about it, if you had a property to rent out, and you had the choice between a family of 6 (including my best behaved, little angelic children) and a working couple, which would you choose?

Yeah, I know. 🙄

So, it’s been a bit hard.

BUT GUESS WHAT? Last week, someone took pity on us, and we have found a little gem of a house, just 2km up the road 😊 – we move next week.

We took the kids round to show them the house while the old tenants were still in, and they thought it was hilarious to run up and down the hall, til a huge cockroach popped out and stopped them in their barefooted tracks 😂

The tenant who was showing us round didn’t even bat an eyelid. She scooped it up in one hand and threw it straight in the Hoover 😐

I have the bug bomb ready.

I guess living this close to the beach means that we have to occasionally welcome the little roachy visitors, but I’m not sure I’ll ever get rid of the internal shiver every time I see one.

The kids are a lot braver with them than they are with spiders though 😂

So wish us luck for next week, this’ll be our 4th move in 9 months… We should be old hands at this now, eh 🙈 😊

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